Hey again!

There are a few things I need to cover, and I hope my readers will keep them in mind while reading and interacting with my blog.


I will not delete any comments if they follow my blog policy.

I will stay on topic and write with purpose.

I will acknowledge any mistakes and will fix them promptly.

I will stay respectful and personal in response to other opinions.


Stay respectful. Please keep all offensive language and material to yourself. I am open to critique but ask that comments are helpful, not hurtful.

Stay on topic. Please keep comments related to the topic of my post and refrain from spam.

Stay personal. When interacting with my blog posts and other comments, please only post a response you would say face-to-face.

Since I’m new to blogging and still have a lot to learn about the blogosphere, I look forward to your comments, and I’m excited to start interacting with other bloggers and bring my blog to life!