As a PR pro, there will be times when your client won’t follow the advice you give. No matter how hard you try, it will be like talking to a brick wall. Sometimes you will never see eye-to-eye with a client. However, there are steps you can take to avoid these frustrations and to create a good client-agent relationship.

According to Andrew Worob’s blogpost on Spin Sucks Pro, there are four tips to create a better client-agent relationship.

1. Get the first date out of the way – this awkward, initial meeting is necessary to clarify all expectations from both parties and to ensure both the client, and agent, understand each other to avoid issues later on.

2. There’s no crying in PR and social media – on the first date you should establish that all views are welcome (no matter if they hurt) as long as they are respectful, professional and backed up.

3.Set up play dates – By meeting with the client more than twice a year, you will improve your relationship and gain deeper insight to the organization.

4. Practice Media 101 – Email isn’t the only method of communication. If you are subject to 10 million emails each day, pick up the phone! A client will appreciate the personal outreach and that you took the time to get a hold of them.

As a potential PR pro, I have learned that being personable is the best way to maintain relationships with other people. You must be upfront and open for others’ ideas. It is important to have a mutual understanding and an agreement before getting in too deep with a client.

A client-agent relationship is just like any other relationship in your personal life (minus the intimacy). It needs understanding, communication and loyalty to grow and strengthen. I love these tips from Andrew and am practicing them with my summer internship.

How will you apply these tips if you don’t already?

Photo from: Richard Iarossi