I am lucky to be taking a PR course this spring, and it’s helping me find out who I want to become. My project for this class is focused on becoming a successful event planner. While looking through some PR pros’ blogs, I stumbled across Kelli Matthews’ blog post, “Oops… I started a Business.” In her blog she shares the five hardest and the five best things about starting her own business. She also shares five lessons she learned doing so.

According to Kelli, these are the five hardest things about starting your own business:

1. Not having a set schedule.

2. Being responsible for decisions you don’t make.

3. The financial “ebbs and flows.”

4. Working in a vacuum.

5. Working with a vacuum.

Many people try to sugarcoat what it’s like to start a business. However, there will be times when we will all find ourselves working around the clock, being responsible for other people’s decisions, balancing finances and being distracted by our personal lives. This is what makes PR pros so good at what they do. Even when life throws curve-balls, they still find the positives:

1. Not having a set schedule —  working when you want and taking breaks when you want.

2. Creative freedom —  your business gives you the opportunity to be yourself.

3. PR professionals work with a lot of people and are able to build relationships with clients who trust them.

4. PR pros get to learn new things when working with different people.

5. Being able to help others succeed.

**Disclaimer: It was suggested that I add more to this blog post. My original post was published on May 5. None of my original content has been changed – I am only adding on. Thanks!**

I have been researching how to become a successful event planner and have interviewed an event planner from Portland, Ore. I am finding most business owners say relatively close things. What I have gathered is that you should keep an open mind, have high hopes but realistic expectations. As long as you keep a positive outlook you can make something good out of any situation.

I have a few family members who have started their own businesses. After observing and reflecting on the things they’ve done well and those that haven’t gone accordingly, the best novice advice I can offer is to stay organized. On last week’s episode of ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy,” Dr. Kepner stresses the importance of following protocol so she creates a checklist for the other surgeons to abide by in hopes that this will help her become Chief Resident. Dr. Owen hasn’t picked Chief Resident yet, but the moral of this story is that by following protocol or a checklist, you won’t miss any important steps. You don’t have to limit yourself to a set of rules, but you should at least follow the basics to stay safe.

There is no doubt that Kelli’s story is personal to herself. We will all have our own experiences; we’ll have lessons to learn and stories to tell. At least now we know we’re not the only entrepreneurs to go through similar situations!

Kelli says on her post, “Starting a business was never my plan and happened very much on accident. It’s taken more than seven years for me to find any degree of ‘success.’ Most entrepreneurs struggle. It’s hard work.”

Whether on purpose or on accident, there will be bumps in the road when starting your own business. With a positive outlook and maybe a few years, you will start to see success!


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