My name is Dalal and I am young woman with old school mentality. I still think men should open doors and take off their hats at the table. I’m a public relations major and I finally set up my Twitter account this year. I am not quite technology-savvy, but I’m trying to keep up! It’s a joke amongst my loved ones that I’m like a grandma — the worst part about it is that even my grandma is online!

I’m a student at the University of Oregon and I absolutely hate the rain! Who would have thought I’d choose Eugene of all cities? Here at the U of O I have become a part of the UO Jam Squad. The Jam Squad is a hip-hop dance team that I have been a member of my three years at Oregon. I have a passion for dance and express that passion through this team.

I’ve created this blog for a class assignment, and I hope to keep it going even after this term ends. PRime Coordination is all about tips that will help coordinate public relations. I chose the word “coordination” because I also have a passion for event planning, or coordination. My plan for this blog is to post advice and tactics from PR practitioners that will help other students grasp a better understanding of the industry.
Although I enjoy event planning, I want to learn all there is to know about public relations before I settle down with one focus.

I truly appreciate you stopping by my blog, and I hope you find it useful and entertaining!